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A Utah-based consulting firm empowering colleges, universities, and schools to achieve student success through analytics.

K-12 Instructional & Organizational Leadership

Study Simpler partners with K-12 administrators to provide high-quality professional development to elementary and secondary educators.


Ethics of Care & Analytics

Study Simpler offers training for faculty and academic advisors regarding  the ethical use of analytics, including an exploration of the strengths and limitations of predictive models.


Data Governance in the Age of Analytics

Study Simpler offers an array of professional development experiences geared towards executive leadership of instiutitons of higher education regarding data governance practice.


Change Leadership for Sustainable Analytics in Higher Education

Analytics tools drive success, but also require change leadership. Study Simpler offers consulting for those who oversee analytics initiatives in higher ed.


Gain access to the latest best-practices with the right supports to drive success

Study Simpler offers tools and trainings that can be adapted to fit the needs of any K20 organization, offering key insights to advance your initiatives and programs towards success.


A holistic approach to student success

Study Simpler supports an approach to learning and analytics that emphasizes the whole student and the many elements that lead to academic well-being.

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Sustaining Use of Analytics  in Higher Education

Sustainable analytics in higher education means focusing on professionals not products and on culture not tools. Let our years of experience catalyze your institution’s success in putting analytics to action.

Professionalism & Data Governance

Analytics users need to be scaffolded in their professional agency, professional competence, and professional relatedness.

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Ethical Use of Analytics for Social Justice

Institutions that prioritize ethical innovation reap the benefits of 21-century solutions that help close common equity gaps.

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Change Leadership Consulting

At the core of successful analytics use is a strategic core of leadership and empowerment, especially regarding innovation.

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What Our Clients Say

Study Simpler has been invited to train educators throughout the United States. Here are a few of their voices.

“Mitchell did an awesome job last year and it was recommended by several people for him to present at our state conference again this year.”

Utah System of Higher Education
Conference for school counselors and administrators

“Wildly engaging… one of our most talked about speakers. Months after the presentation, our staff were still discussing the rich questions posed by the trainer. “

University of Colorado – Boulder, CO
College of Arts & Sciences

“During the USHE Conference, we attended a breakout session and were inspired by the message. We invited Mitchell to give the same presentation to our faculty.”

Payson High School

“Mitchell’s ability to teach simply and powerfully is exceptional. He was easy to connect with and you could tell he wanted us to understand and learn.

Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement

“This is a message every educator should hear… meaningful, practical. You will walk away with so many great ideas, the hard part will be deciding where to start!”

Skyview High School
Cache County SChool District

The presentation on play and self-regulation is one of the best presentations on this topic that I have ever seen. His work encouraged everyone in our faculty to reflect on the power of play as a developmentally appropriate practice.

Edith Bowen Lab SChool
Utah State University

“Thank you for gently making me take a closer look at my own best practices and giving me a new prospective and fresh momentum.”

Broward College

“Attending this workshop was the best decision I have made for our team this year. We left with a renewed passion for student support and a transformed perspective on how data informs those efforts.”

Indiana Wesleyan University
TWO-DAY Analytics ACademy

“Dr. Colver has combined his data analysis skills and his knowledge of psychology to provide insights that are data-driven, theory-driven, and impactful. ”

London South Bank Univeristy


Mitchell C. Colver, PhD, began working in higher education in 2007, where his early experiences with students taught him to focus on the value of human diversity and human potential. As a thought leader in the field of analytics, he is frequently invited to champion the idea that student success can best be fostered through increased intentionality amongst faculty, staff, and executives.


Mitchell has degrees in Psychology, Music, and Experimental Research. His PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, & Higher Education Research is from Utah State University.


He is the father of six children and married to a woman whose support makes his professional pursuits possible and meaningful. They have two dogs and 26 chickens.


Mitchell has worked in education both at the K12 and post-secondary level. His original position in education was as a reading instructor at a Title I elementary school in Las Vegas.


His research has appeared in Slate, Business Insider, Smithsonian, New York Magazine, and, internationally, on Radio BBC and Radio New Zealand National. He presents at dozens of events and conferences each year.

Teambuilding Seminars & Personality Workshops

Study Simpler offers several Teambuilding Seminars & Personality Workshops, including those that use personality assessments like the Reiss Motivation Profile & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help team members understand themselves and others.

Make learning fun…

The latest in research in educational theory suggest that play is not only an essential element of childhood, but a key aspect of learning. The educational importance of play does not diminish at adolescence and continues to be relevant well into adulthood and spaces of professional development.


Trainings for Academic Advisors

Study Simpler offers several trainings specifically designed for Academic Advisors that increase professionalism, enhance skillsets, and frame each role with greater professional agency and empowerment.

The Early & Often of Student Engagement

Using Adlerian Psychology to Enhance Student Planning

This workshop highlights the importance of helping students to set goals in academic, co-curricular, and social domains to truly thrive.

Appreciative Analytics

Incorpoarating Analytics into the Advising Workflow

This training incorporates the central tenets of Jenny Bloom’s “Appreciative Advising” with central features of newly available analytics tools oriented towards Academic Advisors.

Self-Efficacy in Higher Education

Rediscovering the Purposes of a Higher Education

This workshop highlights the foundational elements of a university education, including the invaluable knowledge that emerges from rigor.

Professional Development for K12

The following 2-hour trainings can be schedule individually or in blocks of 4, 6, or 8 hours. Several of the trainings are more ideal for secondary settings.

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Teaching Metacognitive Strategies (K-12)

This 2-hour professional development highlights how metacognitive strategies (self-efficacy, self-regulation, and growth mindset) drive student success.

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Addressing the Normative Curriculum (K-12)

This 2-hour professional development takes a critical stance on curriculum development to empower teachers to refine lesson plans towards greater equity.

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Self-Regulation & Extracurricular Activities (K-12)

This 2-hour professional development demonstrates how performance-based extracurricular activities are well poised to improve student self-regulation.

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Mindset: Facing & Overcoming Failure (K-12)

This 2-hour professional development highlights the work of Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck and the importance of helping students interpret failure appropriately and embrace the rigorous nature of academic work.

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Preparing Students for College (Secondary)

This 2-hour professional development focuses on skills and awarenesses that students need to have as they prepare for college. Emphasis is placed on the importance of human relationships and academic identity.

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Holistic Study Skills Development (Secondary)

This multi-part professional development series showcases the Study Simpler study skills model and can be presented as 4, 6, or 8 hours of professional development.

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Differentiating Instruction (Secondary)

This 2-hour professional development demonstrates how using formative assessment can help teachers to differentiate instruction and tune lesson plans to student preferences.

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Understanding Gender & Sexuality in the 21st Century

This 2-hour professional development helps teachers understand some of the key biological and sociocultural issues at the heart of the gender & sexuality discussion.

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The Hero’s Journey: A Vision for Student Success (K-12)

This 2-hour seminar highlights “The Hero’s Journey” – the idea that each student is the main character in a thrilling story of hope, challenges, and achievement.  learn more

REALISTIC Lesson Plans (K-12)

This 2-hour workshop offers professionals a REALISTIC model for developing dynamic, engaging, effective lesson plans using the pattern of frame, do, reflect.

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Understanding & Embracing Diverse Perspectives on Diversity (K-12)

Many of us feel that diversity is exclusively about skin color or nationality; this training opens hearts and minds to the many facets of a diverse community.  learn more

Goodhart’s Law & Avoiding Common Assessment Pitfalls (K-12)

This 2-hour professional development highlights some of the strengths and common weaknesses of using assessments as the exclusive indicator of learning outcomes.

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Study Simpler: Study Skills Development

Study Simpler  is a book that contains fifty-two holistic study skills interventions that students, parents, and educators can rely on to lay a solid foundation of study skills proficiency within the lives of students, especially at the university level. The acronym SIMPLER outlines seven of the most influential factors related to student well-being: Space, Intervals, Method, People, Loyalty, Energy, and Resources. These seven categories make up the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of student success.

Holistic Study Skills Development

The acronym SIMPLER outlines seven of the most influential factors related to student well-being: Space, Identity, Method, Pace, Loyalty, Energy, and Resources. These seven categories make up the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of student success. Schedule a Study Skills Workshop

Where: Study Space

The latest research on student success reveals that where a student chooses to study is just as important as how long.

Who: Student Identity

Student Identity is a critical aspect of student well-being in laying a solid foundation for student success.

What: Study Method

Not every study strategy is proven to help students succeed. Learn more about the most up-to-date research.

When: Study Pace

Learning to pace study sessions, including taking breaks, is proven to outperform the longest cram session.

Why: Study Loyalty

Many students need regular reminders about the goals they’ve set to help spur them on to achieve success.

How: Study Energy

In a world of energy drinks and coffee stands on every corner, students need direction in fueling good study habits.

How: Study Resources

Many freely available resources go under-utilized simply because students to do not know hot to access them.

Helping Students Succeed

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Healthy Relationships & Dating Workshops

These 2-hour seminars about healthy relationships and human attraction are extracted from a university level “Courtship & Attraction” course formerly taught to Psychology Majors in the greater Seattle area.

Letting Love Happen: A Workshop about Healthy Dating

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Laws of Attraction:     A Workshop about Human Nature

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Social Intimacy: A Crash Course in Healthy Relationships

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Understanding Gender & Sexuality in the 21st Century

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Trainings for

Sorority & Fraternity Life

Study Simpler offers trainings for Sorority & Fraternity Life organizations, with an emphasis on training leadership, scholarship chairs, and new member educators.

The Greek Advantage: How Greek Life Gives Students an Edge– This 2-hour workshop highlights some of the most important benefits of participating in Greek Life, highlighting recent research and trends.

New Member Education– This 2-hour seminar helps new member educators engage incoming members with dynamic, group-oriented activities that blend learning with having fun.

Getting Grades without the Grind– This 2-hour session is designed for scholarship chairs that want to help their fellow members succeed in their academics without sitting through mindless study tables.

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Trainings for

College Orientation Programs

Study Simpler offers trainings for Orientation, FYE, & Retention Peer Mentors, which can be offered directly to students or in a train-the-trainer format.

Liminality: Making the Transition– This 2-hour training helps orientation and FYE peer mentors bridge the gap for incoming students, highlighting research that demonstrates how students ultimately thrive.

The Hero’s Journey: Framing the Role of Orientation Mentors– This 2-hour workshop highlights one of the most important roles in the university system: the orientation peer mentor. The session highlights important mentoring techniques, themes, and research about helping students make successful transitions.

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